Dear friends,
we had a wonderful community Shabbat dinner and I am very much looking forward to the next one on March 8th when we celebrate our dear friend and congregant Mary Gaines's 101st birthday!  In the meantime, everything is moving quickly.  We're already up the the 20th Torah portion since Simchat Torah in the Fall and the 8th portion of the book of Exodus, Parashat Tetzaveh.  We will learn about the importance of and responsibility of leadership in the Jewish community as Aaron and his sons are consecrated as Kohanim (priests).  Also the ritual behind the eternal flame and importance of light.  And as old age is becoming a reality, I have reached another birthday (still a little younger than Mary), and I will be sponsoring the Kiddush luncheon on Saturday and promise it will be a good meal.  In addition, Laura Bernas is celebrating a birthday as well and is bring in a scrumptious ice cream cake in her and her daughter Lilly's honor.  So we get to pray together, eat together, and generally have a great Shabbat weekend experience together at the JCC.  I hope you can all attend.
And speaking of birthdays, thanks to all who chipped in for that beautiful card and gifts!  I am so grateful of your friendship and support always.
On Sunday, we continue our Jewish Life Cycle and Calendar class with more discussion on the four special Shabbatot of the month of Adar as we prepare for Purim and Passover.  Again, it is open to all and I hope that more and more will attend. Shabbat Shalom
Ron Becker, Spiritual Leader